Our company arose as a result of the need for traders to broker all business services and information that would facilitate commercial traffic from and to Italy with our experience and knowledge of the market we are working to satisfy the customer through our business and logistics services.
Our work begins immediately after the customer wants to come to Italy and find out what kind of goods are wanted, and then hotel reservations and airport reception. and accompany it to the market for goods and factories and to do the translation and ensure that the trader gets the goods at the highest quality and at the lowest prices through Processing, negotiation, recording and accounting of goods and their processing for shipment as well as the extraction of invoices and all papers and documents necessary for export and shipment of goods in accordance with the will of the customer either by land, by air or by sea.
Our main area of work is readymade garments, accessories, fabrics, marble, Italian machinery and equipment.
It is prepared to secure the demands of different markets.
" Our goal is to serve you "

About Us

Our services are intended for traders and suppliers wishing to buy from Italy.
Our mission is after contacting and specifying the date of the customer's arrival in Italy and identifying the stores and factories that provide the required goods from the customer, taking into account the quality and the price,
our services
- booking a customer's accommodation in proportion to his budget.
- The day of the customer's arrival we receive him at the airport and move him to his place of residence.
- Then transfer the customer to to wholesale and factory offices for purchase
- provision of translation to Arabic and English.
- negotiation of price, completion of transactions
-c ollection of purchases from vendors, legal procedures.
- provision of documentation for the transport of goods.
- interest in transporting goods to the port of the client country.
We are interested in working with traders and suppliers from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries.

Contact Details

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  • Email : info@marai.co
  • Address: Via Roma, 59100 Prato PO Italy
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